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Our software platform helps your business stay on the right side of the GDPR by implementing a bespoke solution to continuously manage, analyze, and mesure your compliance.

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New regulations, here to stay

On the 25th of May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaced the Data Protection Act (DPA) to usher in expanded rights to individuals and their data alongside placing greater obligations on businesses and other entities that process personal data. Whilst the new regulations have recently come into effect the GDPR is here to stay for the foreseeable future, forcing companies into a continuous cycle of data process improvement and compliance monitoring. Our software helps you achieve this by covering all 50 articles of the new regulation, with some of the main points being:


Personal Data

Assess that measures to protect personal data and unique identifiers linking to personal data remain sufficient at all time.


Affirmative Consent

Test the strength of your consent process(es) in relation to saving tracking cookies and personal data.


Request Fullfillment

Monitor that requests to provide and/or delete any personal data are efficentily tracked and fullfilled.


Privacy Officer

Provide greater visibility on the level of compliance to the designated privacy officer and management.


Data Relevency

Ensure that only data directly relevant to business activities is stored at all times.


Damaging Fines

Limit the risk of fines by defining the tasks of each employee and log activites undertaken to remedy breaches.

Your GDPR Journey

Our solution is simple and clear, the way we see it, your organisation is only 5 steps away from being, and staying, GDPR compliant. By leveraging the power of Workwiz GDPR, organisations will gain a clear gap analysis, ability to define an action plan, assign tasks, monitor progress, review status, and improve if necesarry.


1. Onboarding

The first and most crucial step in our solution is the onboarding process. We take a dynamic approach which allows us to build a solid foundation on which to start your journey. We do this by defining the roles and responsibilities of employees and assigning them with the relevant business processes and assessment questionnaires.


2. Data Discovery and Inventory

The second step identifies the type of data collected and processed across the organization including, location, access to data, security protocols etc. This step is faciliatated through the use of questionnaires.


3. Reporting and Analysis

The third step provides an extensive gap analysis report, generated from the data inventory discovered in step two, this allows organisations to create a detailed plan of action that translates into individual tasks .


4. Compliance Solution

The fourth step implements the compliance solution by assigning the tasks outlined in step 3 to individual employees within the organisation. These tasks are tracked, and progress is logged and reflected within reports. New tasks are created and assigned reflecting the evolution of an organisation, it's systems, and the type of data they capture.


5. Continuous Audit

The fifth step leverages the reporting and event logging capability of the platform to provide 3 types of continuous audits pertaining to the level of compliance.

The 4 pillars of Workwiz GDPR

Workwiz GDPR is deployed as a single tenant SaaS platform to ensure privacy and security of information for each organisation. The application is organised around the various business activities and their associated processes and users. The main interaction with the platform is through the following elements:


The dashboard is the central hub of the GDPR platform for users. It provides an overview of their tasks, processes, and communications as well as a calendar overview of their activity deadlines. The dashboard also acts as the main navigation hub to access other platform features. At a management level, the dashboard also provides a vision of their team activities.

  1. Process Workflow - Top Level Question
  2. Process Workflow - Sub Question

Process Workflow

The process workflow details the way in which organizations, departments, and indivdual users comply with specific areas of GDPR. Workflows are represented as a collection of questions and sub-questions of varying types pertaining to processes and roles. Once completed, process scores are collected and counted towards a users overall GDPR compliance as well as the global compliance of the organization.

Reports & Analysis

Each user and organisation is afforded personalised analysis reports on their GDPR compliance. Analysis includes the KPIs for the overall GDPR compliance, process based GDPR, role based GDPR, and the assessment details for each workflow undertaken by a user logged in the platform.

  1. Reports & Analysis - Overall KPI
  2. Reports & Analysis - Porcess Based KPI
  3. Reports & Analysis Role Based KPI
  4. Reports & Analysis - Assesment Details
  1. Bespoke Capabilities - Edit Question
  2. Bespoke Capabilities - Edit Answer Settings
  3. Bespoke Capabilities - Edit Attributes
  4. Bespoke Capabilities - Process Architecture
  5. Bespoke Capabilities - Process Dashboard

Bespoke Capabilities

The platform is designed to fit different business needs equally and to do so the platform affords the ability to modify or create new processes, change or create questions, create or modify roles and responsibilities.

Read Our Implementation Plan

To get a greater understanding as to how Workwiz GDPR can help your organisation become compliant you can read our in-depth implementation plan by clicking the link below.

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